About the Show

Carolyn’s parents are the awesomest. Or at least she thinks so...and decided to show them. Starting with their wedding anniversary on July 23, 2009, Sewell hand-drew a postcard for them, and put it in the mail. And then repeated this for the next 365 days. 

The content of the cards is quite random, ranging from messages of love and adoration, snarky quotes from friends, family and television, and the occasional drawing of a gnome.
About the Artist

It was during 8th grade study hall that Carolyn Sewell knew she wanted to be a graphic designer. While other students were doing homework, Carolyn was hand-drawing her friends' book covers for $1 ($2 if you wanted paisley). Book covers became pep rally signs and college projects became paying clients. After graduating from Mississippi State University, she moved to DC and did the agency thing for several years, started the award-winning blog Pedestrian Typography, and founded Carolyn Sewell Design. Her work has been published in HOW, GDUSA, CMYK, The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine and been awarded at the ADDYs, ADCMW Annual Show, LMA Awards and MAME Awards. When Carolyn isn't designing, she's photographing typography, teaching design at American University, or drawing unicorns in her sketchbook.

Carolyn lives in Arlington, VA with her husband Richard and their cat Diva. In addition to her parents, she has 4 seriously awesome brothers, one of whom made this website.
About the Parents

Bill and Trudy Horne (aka Mom & Dad) met New Year's Day, 1971, over a cup of coffee. They married 6 months later on July 23 and in 1975 started their family. They are still happily married, still drinking coffee, and living in rural Mississippi with their dog Gretta.